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Tips for women in business


If you think about starting a business or you have a business and you want to launch a new product or service it is important to have business clarity. For example, who is your ideal client? What is the problem they have and how are you going to solve it? Is there a market for the business you want to start? This article gives advice for female entrepreneurs, but of course, the tips could be valuable for any entrepreneur. You can find 5 steps on how to get business clarity below.

5x Clarity in business

  1. Get clear on your vision and business idea. What is the ‘why’ of your business? What is the purpose and what is the reason behind it? What is the value you are going to offer? This has to be strong and clear. What is your product?
  2. Create your ideal client checklist. Who is your ideal client and what is their situation right now? Are they successful, but they feel unfulfilled and they are looking for coaching? Or do they have a business but they need consistent clients? What is the problem your ideal client has? What is their pain point? Identify that.
  3. Results of the program. How is your business going to solve their problem? What are the results your client is going to get when they do your program?
  4. Compare the list you created. Look at the problems your ideal client have and how you think to solve their problem with your business, product or service. Does it match? Are you really going to solve their problem?
  5. Do market research. Learn everything about your market and competitors. Determine how you can gain a competitive advantage with your business, product or service. Find the gap in the market.

The internet is full of advice on business clarity and how you could start your business. In addition, a business success coach could help you get clarity in your business as well. If you are a female entrepreneur and you want more clarity in your business you can watch this Youtube video: advice for female entrepreneurs by business and success coach Janelle Mason. shares articles on innovation and creativity in business. You can find our topics here.